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China Best Sales EPG series precision planetary gearbox 2-stage with Great quality

EPG high-precision planetary gear reducer is a perfect combination of high-precision planetary gear and high-efficiency bearing technology. It is specially designed for applications that need to ensure high speed and low noise while achieving optimal performance. EPG precision planetary gear reducer has the outstanding performance of stable and quiet operation with the help of high rigid structure and high precision helical teeth, and at the same time has a more powerful force.

EPG Precision Planetary Gear Reducer

High speed & low noise
Strong & smooth performance

EPG Features

The new helical tooth design realizes optimal synchronization and smooth operation and minimizes vibration. High-precision gears are used to achieve high-precision transmission and small backlash. Large output torque, high transmission efficiency, stable transmission, high speed, and low noise. Coaxial design, rotating in the same direction, diversified output shaft forms High rigidity, compact, miniaturized design Beautiful appearance, good weather resistance, suitable for any installation orientation, with good interchangeability, can match various motors, and installation Convenient and good sealing, lifetime lubrication, maintenance-free.

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